Astar is involved with some of the largest companies and fastest growing industries in the world. Why? Organizations are continually “out-sourcing” different aspects of their business to “3rd party” sub-contractors in order to be more efficient. Astar Services was created in order to capitalize in this area and others. Our drive to introduce new technologies and industries is the reason our many business partners choose Astar services and products. Currently, Astar is concentrating its core business as a corporate service provider of information technology-technical coordination, technical support, systems integration, and resource procurement services. Astar Services is a very diversified Information Technology and Multimedia Business Solutions provider who strongly markets and promotes the highly sought after skills of our corporate service professionals

Client Overview

Is your business in need of IT Services at competitive rates? Do you spend to much on your present IT needs? Are you a CIO or Project Manager having problems coordinating your company’s computer and network problems? Astar Services can solve this for you by providing a single point of contact for all of your Information Technology needs. We can provide onsite technicians ANYWHERE in North America for simple “break & fix” PC, laptop or printer repairs. We also have techs available for more advanced networking problems, including complete WAN, LAN and local network system installations.

Even if your business has a need for a more permanent IT person, Astar Services can provide this. Why spend “thousands” of dollars on “full-time” IT personnel when Astar Services can provide the “Same Level of Service” or better at a fraction of the cost. Our customer care appreciation, attention to detail, and ability to “jump through the hoops” for our clients is what separates Astar Services from other organizations in this industry. Astar specializes in providing B2B IT Solutions as a “Corporate Service Provider” for several international organizations. For more information on how to become an Astar client, please visit our Contact page.